Connect your business to your data through insightful visual storytelling

Get clarity on your data by integrating your multiple data sources, visualizing the right metrics and get meaningful insights that will enable you to take the right decisions at the right time. All this can be done without any technical help. We have handpicked the key growth metrics important to your industry, that will help accelerate your business towards success and growth.

Our multiple integration

We are live exclusively for the Web hosting industry, and gradually expanding our footprints to other industries as well. We have integrations lined up for the leading automation applications like WHMCS, ClientExec, as well as Google Analytics and Our growing list of integrations will enable you to track all your key metrics from your day-to-day tools on a central location and make everyday decision fully based on data.

So, what are you waiting for! If you are using WHMCS you are all set to JOIN our private BETA. Get early access to our no-code dashboards which will instantly give you real-time visualization of your key metrics.

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Now power your business with data clarity

Let InsightDials help you with your business analytics while you focus on your core business activities. Our easy integration helps you monitor all your key metrics like MRR, Revenue, Burn, Churn, Accounts Receivables, Sales Conversion, Retention rate, Website visitors, Support KPI, LTV and a lot more other metrics from your day-to-day tools on a single platform. Our no-code dashboards, actionable insights, target setting and detailed drill-down gives you a real-time view of your business at any point in time. Thus, making business analytics fun and easy.

Simple visulization

Dashboards to keep you updated on your team vitals.

Actionable insights

Take timely actions to grow your business to the next level

Easy integrations

We help connect your business systems with ease.

Drill through

Let our platform help you see data at macro level

Target setting

Set targets for your key metrices and stay on track

Automatic To-Do list

Our platform creates a To-Do list based on insights for you to work on.

Data driven insights to work smarter and stay focused on your growth

What if you could track all your metrics real-time, on the go, anywhere, anytime? InsightDials dashboards provide easy to interpret visualization using simple graphs and charts that can be easily understood by any non-technical person in your team. Coupled with visualization, the insights for each metrics and drill-down to deep dive into the macro level of data will start telling your data story. The platform also gives you the ability to set targets for your key metrics, define SLA’s and also create actionable to-dos for your team. This clarity of metrics will provide a holistic wellbeing of your organization at a 360 level. All this at your fingertips through a friendly and secure dashboard.

Boost all your team productivity by role based analytics

There is a huge impact on how each of your team manages their data. We provide clarity on the data trends for each department which help your team to transform the way they work and take steps early on. With our All-in-one Executive dashboard, Operations, Billing, Sales, Marketing and Support dashboards, your team has access to the data that matter the most to them and take well informed decisions all the time. They no longer require trainings or data scientists to help them with their data. This enables data empowerment and the focus set on growth.

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