Transform your raw data into powerful insights!

Connect your everyday tools to InsightDials and easily monitor, analyze, and gain insights on your scattered business data.

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A central Dashboard for all your scattered metrics

Easy Integration

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or coding required.

Simple Data Visualisation

Say goodbye to complex data analysis. Simplify business intelligence with InsightDials.

Detailed view of data

Explore your data in greater depth and find answers to your hows and whys.


Get started using
pre-built metrics and dashboards

InsightDials offers seamless integration with your everyday tools, enabling you to monitor vital metrics like MRR, revenue, churn, accounts receivables,retention rate, website visitors, support KPI, LTV, and more on a single platform. Our no-code dashboards, actionable insights, and detailed drill-down features provide a real-time view of your business performance. With InsightDials, business intelligence is quick and effortless.

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Growing list of DataSources

Growing list of integrations with popular tools. Specially for the subscription industry.

Browser Support

Your Key Metrics monitoring starts here

Central Platform for your scattered data

Bring scattered data from everyday tools to a central platform through simple easy data source connectors.

Simple Data Visualization

Visualize data using pre-designed dashboards, simple chats and graphs, actionable insights, and detailed drill-down.

Plug and Play Dashboards

Plug & Play dashboard for your business with easy setup in minutes. No more juggling between multiple applications and reports.

Departmental Dashboards

Get department-based dashboards to monitor each department's specific metrics. Executive, Billing, Operations and Support dashboards. 

Actionable Insights

Get a clear picture of the story that your data is telling and the direction your business is headed with actionable insights for each metric.

Detailed Drill-down

Drill down and filter each metric to get in-depth details and clarity about your data and the answers to your hows and whys.

Connect your everyday tools for a unified metrics dashboard.

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot

20% - 25%

Increase In Topline

5% - 10%

Reduced Churn

10% - 15%

Increased Profit


Customer Retention

5% - 15%

Improved Accounts Receivables

10% - 15%

Improved Customer Satisfaction

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