Data security is of prime importance at InsightDials. We know the importance of data security for your business. Hence, we have taken stringent measures to ensure that all our connections and accesses are extremely secure.

Application access security

All Usernames and passwords for InsightDials accounts are set by the user. All passwords are strongly set and application Sign-In is enforced with multi-factor authentication. Every login attempt undergoes multiple levels of authentication using the credentials as well as the OTP sent to your registered mobile. This additional verification ensures 2 layers of security and only authorized owner can log into the account.

On the database all passwords are in an encrypted format. Which ensures that no one from our team can view your password. Any password resets are directly done by the client, which sends out reset emails to your registered email ID. Additionally, all login information is always sent over HTTPS, which makes it secure.

Data security

No customer data from your application will be stored on our system. All integrations with your applications are through encrypted APIs. InsightDials will not download or store any of your data on our systems. Our customers remain the sole owner of their data at any point in time, and only users from your account will have access to your data.

Communication and transmission security

All connections to InsightDials application are through secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS). This ensures, that all users have a secure HTTPS connection from their browsers to our application. Our application is also protected by a Network level firewall, that prevents unauthorized traffic from reaching our servers in the data centre.

Credit card security

No credit card details are stored on our system. Any credit card details that is updated through our application is not stored on our system. We use Stripe , a payment gateway to handle all payments securely. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available. Please see Stripe’s security information for additional information.

Data centre

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our hosting. AWS is an industry leader and provides a highly scalable cloud computing platform with end-to-end security and privacy features.

AWS provides physical data centre access only to approved employees, which is strictly audited periodically. These data centres are continuously monitored by their global Security Operations Centres, which provide 24x7 on-site security staff, environmental security measures, intrusion detection systems, biometric scanning, video surveillance etc. More details here :

More details on AWS Security and Compliance: AWS Compliance and security measures