Make everyone in your team a data hero with the power of our BI platform

Gone are the days when access to data rests with a few in the organisation. Encourage a data-driven culture within your team and empower them with the power of data, to take well informed decisions all the time. Let’s strive for data democratization for all in the organisation, so that the focus is always on growth.

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Our story

InsightDials was founded on the vision of empowering everyone in an organization to take data-driven decisions. With 2 decades of experience in the mobile, web-development and web hosting industry and having served 100+ organizations across the globe delivering software applications, we realized that connecting data to the business is the key to success for any organization. The complexities and technical expertise required for analytics, was stopping organizations from embracing analytics. With the aim of making analytics fun, easy and democratizing data, we realized the need to come up with a product that brings together all day-to-day business applications to a single platform and provides a holistic data visualization for all departments with zero technical intervention. That's how InsightDials was born, which is an industry specific business intelligence platform, that brings all the popular tools of that industry to a central location with pre-designed dashboards loaded with handpicked key metrics that matter the most to the industry. Thus we aim to improve the success rates of small and medium businesses through a data-driven approach.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower everyone in an organization to take data-driven decisions, so as to steer the organization to success.

We believe in data democratization and aim at providing dashboards for all. With InsightDials, you can keep a track of your company vitals round the clock and take data-driven decisions, to steer your organization towards the targeted goal!

Data empowered
Data-driven decision
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What makes us different

All in one business dashboard
Departmental dashboarding
Pre-canned dashboards
Actionable Insights
Detailed drill down
Easy integration