Get insights from your day-to-day tools with ease

Easy integrations, Simple visualization, Departmental dashboards, Actionable Insights, Automatic ToDos, Detailed drill-down all these features in pre-designed dashboards is all you need to get detailed insights on your most important metrics. These unique metrics hand-picked by InsightDials team; will help you drive your web hosting business in the right direction.

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Plug & Play dashboards

Have data but do not use it?

Worried about the hassles of data analysis and troublesome integrations? InsightDials helps you with Plug & Play dashboard for your business with no-code and easy setup in minutes. Bring all your metrics from your day-to-day tools to a single platform and no more juggling between multiple applications and reports. InsightDials will be the centralised location for all your vital metrics. A single glance at any time gives you the current state of your business, and the drill-down that gives details on current as well as historic data. This will aid you to take smart decisions based on insights and not intuitions.

Data for all

InsightDials provides department based dashboards to monitor each department specific metrics. Dashboards are designed for All-in-one Executive dashboard, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Support teams. It empowers each team to analyse their specific data and transform the way they work and take steps early on. It provides your team with the right numbers, identifies leaks in the process, saves time in analyzing data and above all, the capability to take well informed decisions based on data clarity. You no longer need to depend on the data team for your metrics, you always have it handy.

Insights and Actionable To-Do’s

The metrics that you see on the dashboard are mere numbers, which when compared with trends gives meaningful insights. All metrics on InsightDials dashboards come with insights based on pre-set targets or trends. This gives a clear picture of the story that your data is telling you, which in turn gives more clarity on the direction your business is headed. Along with these insights, there are actionable ToDo’s, derived from these insights which are too stubborn and make you take actions where needed. The smart insights coupled with actionable Todos, will guide you in the right path.

Detailed Drill-down

Each of your metrics can be drilled-down to get in-depth details about your data, to get answers to your how’s and why’s. These details at a macro level coupled with the insights help you to identify the leak points early on and take timely actions. The dashboard graphs can be drilled-down and filtered to get clarity on the metrics for specific dates, past and present as well. You no longer need to spend hours collating data and tabulating your key metrics on excel, while all these can be done with single click on InsightDials dashboards, which fetch the details directly from your data source.

Growing list of integrations

InsightDails has been designed to provide dashboards for all. We have integrations for the Web Hosting industry with secure and seamless integrations with WHMCS, ClientExec, Google Analytics, etc. This growing list of integrations include Blesta, HostBill, Freshdesk, Kayako, Trello, Livechat and many more applications commonly used in the hosting industry. This platform will aid hosting businesses big and small alike to analyze their business insights and trends from their day-to-day tools.